Custom Stone Jasmine Ring

Custom Stone Jasmine Ring


The Jasmine is one of our most popular rings to customize! With stunning fans of ethereal stones, this is a super non-traditional silhouette for your stack. If you would like to personalize your Jasmine Ring with a different type of stone, please consider the details below to begin customizing with us:


How will you wear it?

a) Is your Jasmine Ring an engagement or wedding band that will be worn daily? If so, we highly recommend choosing durable stones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies or alexandrite. Opals and moonstones are beautiful but are not safe for every day wear! Luckily for us, diamonds and sapphires come in all sorts of colours we can choose from. For sapphires in particular we can look at doing yellow, pink, purple, blue, orange, green, black, etc. We can do multiple colours-- or, depending on the colour, we can even do ombré!

b) If your Jasmine Ring is not for ceremonial but for a gift or something special and pretty to add to your stack, we have a ton of options for stones! In this case it would be fine to go with something less durable, but of course it's important to take special care to avoid scratching, breaking, contact with chemicals, or sometimes heat. We can look at opal, moonstone, tourmaline, morganite, tanzanite, emerald, garnet, aquamarine and more. If you're not quite sure what type of stone you'd like, you can let us know what colours interest you and we can help you out with all your options!


What's your stone size?

One important thing to note is that the Jasmine Ring is available in two stone sizes:
a) The first is 4x2mm marquise cut (you'll find most of the coloured Jasmine rings on the site are in this size). This is often the smallest size that coloured gemstones are cut into for the marquise style cut. Diamonds are also available in this size-- a little larger than the regular Diamond Jasmine Ring.

b) The smaller size is 3x1.5mm marquise cut. Our Diamond Jasmine Ring is in this size. Depending on the stone you're looking for, we may be able to locate it in this smaller, slightly daintier size for you, though most coloured gems may only come in 4x2mm. Rubies, deep blue sapphires, emeralds, and alexandrite can definitely be sourced in this tiny size! 


What's your ring size?

Ring sizing is tricky! If you're not sure of your ring size, we highly recommend getting sized locally at a jeweller or jewellery store (be sure to try on rings that are about 1-2mm in width instead of really wide rings in order to get an accurate size).
If you've had your finger sized locally with ring sizers, you may have tried on rings that were wide bands-- perhaps 3-4mm, to get your size. The thickness of the band will affect ring size! Wider bands like those on ring sizers will tell you that your ring size is, for example, a 7, to accommodate for the larger width of the band. Our rings are generally thinner (the Jasmine tapers from a little over 1mm to 1.5mm) so it will require a smaller size!
Additionally, it's important to keep in mind that one jeweller's ring sizer/mandrel may will not be the exact same as another's as they all have varying tolerances! Ring sizing is tricky, but if in doubt, always order your ring a little bit smaller than expected. It's much easier for us to size up a quarter or half size than it is to size your ring down if you find you would like to adjust the size.

One final detail to note is that your fingers will expand in the summer or after exercise, etc. and will shrink in the winter when they're cold! Please keep in mind this may be anywhere from a quarter size to a full size difference depending on the person, so it's something to consider when selecting your size. 


It's time to customize! The steps:

1) Please select all your ring details as best you can! Click "add to cart" and there will be a little form to fill out with your details. We'll receive your order and email you (at the email you'll provide at checkout) to go over the details of your ring together. 

2) This order is just an initial deposit that consists of two parts: 
a) Design & sourcing your stones! This $75 amount is not refundable once we begin sourcing your stones. We will have put aside hours to work with you on your ring, source your stones, and we will possibly have created mock ups for you to get an idea of how your Jasmine will look!
b) Your stones and materials! The second portion of this deposit ($350) is refundable up until we have confirmed that we are ordering your stones and starting to make your ring. Once we've ordered your stones and begun to work on the ring, we cannot refund your deposit.

3) Making your ring! Making your custom Jasmine is always super exciting for us! We will be casting your ring, polishing and stone setting in our Toronto studio. Once your ring is complete we will send a PayPal invoice for the remainder of the ring and your shipping if we will be using something other than our standard shipping options. We will always discuss the final price with you for a custom Jasmine before we begin so you will know the total before getting started.  

If you have any further questions or details to note on your custom Jasmine, please let us know below!

We can't wait to get started on your custom Jasmine Ring! 

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