Customer Care

If you need to reach us for any inquiries, please email us at



All prices are listed in USD. 


All payments are processed through Stripe's secure payments. If you would prefer to pay through Paypal, please contact us and we will arrange a payment for you. If you would like your order to be processed with Paypal, please remember to not use the checkout system. Canadian customers will be charged taxes based on their provincial rates. International customers are responsible for any import taxes and/or duties placed on their order by their country's customs.



Rings are listed in North American sizing. 

Quarter/half sizing and sizing above an 8: we offer quarter, half sizes and sizes above an 8 on all of our rings! If your exact size is not listed in the drop down menu, please leave us a note at checkout letting us know your precise ring size and we will make your ring to that size.

Please know your measurements to make sure you receive the size you intended. If you need to find out your ring size, we recommend getting sized professionally or wrap a thin piece of string (1-1.5mm - as most of our rings are small widths like this) around your finger and measure the length with a ruler. Be sure to be as precise as possible! Email us or leave us your finger’s circumference measurement in the notes at checkout and we will help you with your size!


We use beautiful 14k gold and sterling silver in our handcrafted pieces. If you would like to have a piece made in 18k gold, palladium white gold, or platinum, please send us an email before placing your order and we would be happy to look into customizing the metal for you! 

A note on plating: please be advised that we do not plate our white gold in rhodium but can do so upon request (before placing your order)! We can let you know the cost for the piece as well as the approximate wait time. Rhodium plating makes white gold appear 'whiter' and brighter but does not last a lifetime. We can also re-plate your white gold pieces from LFJ to maintain the finish over time. 

For customization requests on plating and metals, please email us at:

Repairs, Returns and Adjustments

Please keep in mind that we cannot provide a refund for your purchase due to the nature of the pieces. 

If a piece has broken or needs an adjustment, we will try to repair it to the best of our ability. Let us know what's wrong at

Reasonable repairs are free within 1 month of purchase.

Over 1 month may be subject to a repair fee. This fee is contingent upon material availability and the nature of the repair.

Due to the nature of our hand made products, we may not be able to repair or alter/adjust your piece. Please email us for more information on whether your piece can be repaired or adjusted.

If you are shipping a broken piece to us, please email us for shipping assistance and instructions. Please note we are not responsible for lost or damaged pieces. Depending on the nature of the repair we may send you a pre-made label for the shipping, or, the buyer may be responsible for shipping both ways.




Cleaning and Care

• Please be gentle with the pieces as they are hand-crafted with natural stones and thin, delicate chains.
• After wearing, gently wipe with a soft cloth and store in a fabric lined jewellery box out of the sun to maintain the condition of the metal and other materials. 
• To maintain the shine of your diamonds, you can use a soft toothbrush and a little bit of original Dawn (or some type of natural grease cutting soap) and gently brush in the hard-to-reach areas, such as underneath the stone. 
• To AVOID: Please avoid all contact with nail polish remover/rubbing alcohol, etc. Avoid prolonged contact with water (salt or fresh), sweat, heat and chemicals such as chlorine, sulfur, perfume, detergent and lotion. 


How to care for our custom cut mother of pearl stones 

Mother of pearl is a natural material, harvested from the inner lining of pearl oyster shells. It's best to wear your mother of pearl jewellery as often as possible to keep the stones strong and lustrous. As with other pearl jewellery, your skin's natural oils will absorb into the stones, protecting them and giving them a more beautiful glow over time. If you live in an especially arid climate, be sure to store your stones closer to a washroom or humidifier, where more humidity can keep your stones from drying out over time. Avoid storing your mother of pearl in the sun or where other metal jewellery can scratch and damage your delicate stones.