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What are recycled diamonds?

What are recycled diamonds?

You might have noticed that all of our melee (less than 0.2ct) round brilliant cut diamonds are recycled, and you may be wondering what does that mean?

Recycled diamonds are the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way of sourcing diamonds, with a much smaller impact than newly mined diamonds or lab grown diamonds. We partner with a company in New York that specializes in recycled diamonds for all of our small natural diamonds and larger natural diamonds as well, when possible.

How does diamond recycling work?

Recycled diamonds often come from melt or scrap jewellery, which itself is often post-consumer jewellery. Diamonds are removed from their settings, treated to remove any foreign substances, and are tested to ensure that they are genuine diamonds and not diamond simulants (such as cubic zirconia or moissanite).

The next step involves sorting the diamonds by shape, which are then sorted further based on colour and clarity. Any diamonds that are poorly cut and/or chipped are set aside to be recut and repolished to meet high standards of quality.

    Before being sold to jewellers (like us!) to be used in new pieces, the diamonds are graded to ensure quality and consistency. Larger diamonds suitable for centre stones are sent to a GIA grading lab to become certified. These recycled diamonds are inspected with the same level of meticulous attention as all other diamonds that get certified by the GIA.

    Amazing! Can all the diamonds in my piece be recycled?

    Yes and no! We aren't able to source rose cut recycled diamonds in the sizes we need for most of our pieces, but we can usually use round brilliant cut recycled diamonds instead in their places. 

    For centre stones, we may or may not be able to source a recycled diamond in the size/shape that you want at the time of your request, depending on availability from our suppliers.

    Also keep in mind that we're only able to get recycled natural (mined) diamonds at this time! We cannot source recycled lab grown diamonds or other gemstones (like sapphires). 

    If you'd like to order a custom ring with all recycled diamonds, please submit a bespoke form with details about your request to get started!