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Let us create something especially for you! We can work with one of our existing designs to create your own custom piece. From something like making one of our collection pieces in a different metal, to finding the perfect centre stone for your engagement ring, our team will help make your dream Laurie Fleming piece a reality.

Local to Toronto? Book an appointment at our Flagship store and our team can walk you through the process in person, where you can try on different styles and test our potential ring pairings as well.

Ilona Ring

Ilona Ring

14k yellow gold with an icy blue sapphire (paired with our Sylph band)

Ambrosia Circlet

Ambrosia Circlet

14k yellow gold with a soft green pear-cut sapphire

Asrai Garden ring

Asrai Garden ring

14k yellow gold with a teal pear-cut sapphire. Eos band with modified moss and diamond dewdrops

Ilona ring

Ilona ring

14k yellow gold, pink blush rosecut sapphire

Beacen ring

Beacen ring

14k yellow gold, peach sapphires (paired with our brilliant Wild Iris ring)

Daphne ring

Daphne ring

14k yellow gold, emerald cut diamond

Asrai Garden ring

Asrai Garden ring

14k yellow gold with a teal and gold bicoloured sapphire. Eos band, customized Cherry Blossoms with diamond

How it works:

Submit your bespoke request

Once you've had the chance to look through all of the information here (be sure to visit the FAQ at the bottom of the page), fill out the form below and submit it to us. Please be aware that it will take some time (up to four weeks in busy periods) for us to get back to you, as each bespoke request is carefully considered and prepared. The more detail you include in your request, the better we will be able to help you.

We read bespoke requests as they are received, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. If there is a hard deadline for when you need to receive the finished ring (for example, before travelling) be sure to let us know.


Once we've assembled all of the relevant information for your request, we will send you an email. This email will usually include:

  • Thoughts and considerations regarding your design request
  • Stone options, including specifications, descriptions, and (when available) photos and videos
  • Pricing for the finished, customized piece for each option presented. All options will be within the budget you give us (if it's not possible to fulfill your request within your budget, we will let you know and work with you to find an alternative you will love!)

The design process is a conversation: we will continue to exchange emails as we narrow down the best options for what you're looking for.


Once we finalize the design together, we’ll send over an invoice for the piece (or it may be a partial deposit for materials). Deposits are non-refundable. Once this has gone through, we will begin making your bespoke Laurie Fleming creation. We'll be hand-carving your piece from wax, casting, polishing, and setting in our Toronto studio using ethically sourced materials and stones. 

Depending on the complexity of your request and the time of year, production on a bespoke piece can take longer than our average lead time. We will communicate expected timelines throughout the process.


Once your piece is complete and order fully paid, we will ship your order to you or let you know that it's ready for pickup.

Please note: Laurie Fleming Jewellery retains the rights to all designs. Pieces may be posted to social media or elsewhere and may be replicated by the designer for any usage. If you require your piece to be kept secret for a gift or proposal for a period of time before we post it on social media, please let us know.

USA and International orders: As with all of our orders, any applicable fees/taxes incurred at your border are the responsibility of the buyer. We do not charge Canadian tax on out-of-country orders by law, as that is charged by your country’s customs agency. For more information, visit our shipping policy.

We cannot ship to some countries due to import laws; see our shipping policy for an up-to-date list.

Bespoke FAQ

What kind of customizations can I make?

We are not currently making fully bespoke pieces that are designed and made from scratch in a new design; instead, our bespoke process is for customized pieces. Customized pieces are designs that are already part of the permanent collection, but we change the stones/change or add a centre stone/make design edits like removing or adding stones, changing the metal to 18k or platinum, etc.

Do you work with lab grown diamonds?

Yes! If you are seeking a lab grown diamond centre stone for one of our rings, you can shop them here directly on our site in a variety of shapes and sizes from 0.50ct-2.50ct. Shopping our lab grown options on our website will have an overall faster lead time than having us source individual stone options, and pricing will be the same.

We are happy to work with lab-grown diamonds, but we do not work with lab-grown fancy coloured diamonds or colour-enhanced diamonds.

What other stones do you work with?

Apart from the stones listed above (all types of natural diamonds and sapphires), we are also happy to work with most natural gemstones. Depending on the piece we are making for you, we may advise against or decline to work with certain stones due to the characteristics of the stone and/or design.

For engagement rings, we will always recommend diamonds or sapphires, as they are the most durable options available for long-term daily wear.

We do not work with synthetic gemstones, including but not limited to moissanite and cubic zirconia.

We do not work with any lab-grown coloured gemstones (ie. lab grown sapphires or lab grown alexandrites, etc).

Is there a minimum price for bespoke rings?

For bespoke rings that involve sourcing a custom centre stone, the price of a finished ring starts at $3000 USD/$3900 CAD (before tax).

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind or bespoke piece and your budget falls outside of our starting prices for custom stone sourcing, consider browsing our ready to ship one of a kind rings, or our available loose gemstones. These are hand-selected by Laurie and paired with ring style options that best suit the stone. You can choose the stone you love and have it made into your preferred ring style, with many beautiful options starting below $3,000 USD/$3,900 CAD.

For more straightforward customizations (such as changing the colour or type of stones in a piece, or making a piece in 18k gold or platinum) there is no minimum price.

Stone sourcing: how many options will you send me? Is there a sourcing cost?

The bespoke process is a back and forth conversation, and while sourcing stones, we will look for the best possible options that meet your requests. Depending on the complexity of your request and the availability of appropriate stones we will likely send you 2-5+ options per round of sourcing.

If you aren't in love with any of the options we've found, please send us feedback with as much detail as possible, so we can better cater our search for you. We will try again and send you some new options in our next round of sourcing.

Your bespoke request includes 15 stone options. For the vast majority of bespoke projects, we find the right stone within this complimentary limit. If you require more rounds of options, we offer sourcing up to 10 additional stones for a $200 fee.

The $200 sourcing fee is to cover the time and labour of our bespoke team, and as such it is not a deposit towards a finished piece, nor is it refundable if you do not go forward with the piece.

In order to help us narrow down on our search, please provide as much detail as possible when wording your bespoke request and in any email responses offering feedback. Stone type, desired shape/type of cut, colour ("a dark, blue-leaning teal" is clearer than "blue"), any reference photos, acceptable clarity (do you want it to be perfectly flawless? Are visible inclusions fine?), and any other specific requests (stones from a specific origin, etc.) are all very helpful in guiding us to find you the perfect stone as quickly as possible!

Can you work with my existing jewellery and use it for my bespoke piece?

At this time, we are also not able to work with customer supplied stones, metal, or pieces to be disassembled/re-made into something new.

Can you make me a ring without the centre stone set (a mount)?

We do not ship our pieces without the stones set (ie. to be set by a local jeweller). Thank you for your understanding!

Can you make me a something in silver?

We work in a variety of white metals including various white gold alloys and platinum.

Unfortunately, we do not work in silver or sterling silver.

Are bespoke orders eligible for promotions?

Any promotional offers, including our newsletter sign-up discount code, do not apply to custom pieces.

Can you help me if I need my bespoke piece adjusted after I've received it?

If any sizing or additional adjustments must be made to the design after it's received, we will help you ship the piece back to us (please contact us for shipping details before shipping the piece back). The shipping, sizing and adjustment costs will be the responsibility of the customer. 

Can I return or exchange my bespoke piece?

All bespoke orders are final sale, but let us know if you have any concerns and we'll do our best to help.