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The Asrai Garden Hoop

An eternal bouquet of gilded blooms: every petal carefully carved in miniature to float down from your lobes.

Select the hoop size to build upon and the fleurs to adorn with, and we will arrange your one-of-a-kind heirloom.

Each Asrai Garden Hoop is made entirely by hand, and no two will ever be exactly alike.

Create your own Asrai Garden Hoop


Asrai Garden hoops are one of a kind and handmade to order. Please allow for 4-6 weeks for production before shipping.

Our beloved Asrai Garden, now available in two hoop sizes. Adorn your ears with our diaphanous garden of everlasting gilded fleurs. Inspired by our love for botanical art and fairy forests, we meticulously carved each piece and petal by hand for the collection.

Your bouquet will be custom arranged by us on your hoop, using the flowers you select (ie. peonies, hellebore, roses and fairies), before being cast in immortal, glowing gold.

We may reorient the blooms, deconstruct, or slightly reshape them to achieve a balanced and one-of-a-kind floral arrangement. Every single hoop is made in a completely OOAK orientation with no two looking alike: yours will always look different from another you may have seen.

It’s best to allow yourself to be surprised and entrust the design to us! If you would like any assistance with selecting your fleurs, please email us at Each element is designed to work with every other option and there are no wrong ways to select what you like!

The only limitation is your preferred weight you'd like your hoop-- more elements become heavier. Please read on for our recommendations for each hoop size.

To create your own completely bespoke Asrai Garden hoop, begin by selecting your preferred metal colour and hoop size (small: 14.5 x 11mm, large: 24 x 16mm).

Hoops are sold as singles.

Once you’ve selected your hoop, you can select your favourite blossoms, dewdrops and fairies to adorn it.

Each hoop will be unique and one of a kind. If you are ordering two hoops with the same elements on each, please note pairs will not be symmetrical/mirrored. If you would like them to be arranged similarly, for a somewhat matching pair, please use the checkbox above.

  • For a single small hoop we recommend one large and one small element, or two to three small elements.
  • For a single large hoop we recommend one large and two to three small elements.

If you want more than 3 of a single fleur on your hoop(s), please email us for assistance!

Our oblong hoops have been meticulously hand crafted to open and close with a hinge. Although they are hardened, please treat the ear wires on the hoops with care to avoid bending, as gold is a malleable metal.

To close: place your finger on the tail of the curved post and snap upwards into the hook closure.

To open: press down on the tail of the curved post with your finger and snap out of the hook closure.

Avoid putting pressure on the middle of the ear wire to put on or remove the earring-- that section of the earring does not control the closure of the hoop, and forcefully pushing/pulling that section may misshape the wire.

See our video below on opening & closing your hoops!

Complete the look:

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Wearing your Asrai Garden hoop

Our hoops are completely handmade—including the ear wire and closure—which snaps in place for a secure fit.

Open and close the hoops by moving the curved end of the wire in and out of the catch.

Learn more about the Asrai Garden elements



Anemone’s name derives from the Greek word anemoi, meaning “winds”, giving it the nickname “wind flower”. This sparkling little cluster of layered gossamer petals will nestle sweetly into your customized Asrai bouquet.

Features a single 1.2mm salt and pepper rose cut diamond at the centre, and a staggered halo of 0.8mm and 0.9mm recycled round brilliant cut diamonds (VS GH)



Three petite sunshine-yellow sapphires to bring beaming buttercups to your ikebana arrangement. Nostalgic and incredibly sweet.

Each buttercup features a 1mm yellow sapphire set in a ‘buttercup’ style prong setting

Calla Lily

Calla Lily

A simple and refined beauty wrapped within its smooth, curved petals— carefully carved by hand in miniature.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossoms’ beautiful, ephemeral blooms remind us of the transience of nature and life. They only grace us for a short time, so going to see them is a cherished tradition. Their light pink petals cast a dream across the wind that carries them, tenderly softening our hearts.

Four 1mm light pink sapphires and two 1mm medium pink sapphires


A trio of leaflets, tiny sprouts plucked from fields where the nymph play. With heart-shaped clusters atwirl in the breeze: two three-leaf clovers and one with a fourth leaf imbued with fae charm to bring you luck. 



The ethereal and enchanting dahlia, sweetly pulled from a peachy fairytale. Featuring a 5mm parti Montana sapphire— each stone a one-of-a-kind, natural blend of peach/apricot and silvery/greenish hues. Just like the dahlias that inspired it, the sapphires’ swirling hues are dreamy and glistening.

Features a 5mm “kaleidoscope” Montana Parti sapphire (each stone is unique, with peach and silvery/greenish hues) and a sprinkling of small sapphires in orange, pink, and yellow hues.

Diamond Dewdrops

Diamond Dewdrops

Sweetly sparkling dewdrops to sprinkle around your garden. The Diamond Dewdrops add the perfect amount of subtle sparkle to a flower petal or a leaf, like shimmering morning dew.

Three 1.25 mm rose cut diamonds SI1, GHI



Hellebore is known for its five petals that never fall, always offering its beauty, even past blooming. This witchy, carefully hand-carved beauty will remain glowing eternally in your Asrai Garden.

Hidden Fairy Earring

Hidden Fairy

With a glint and glitter, she appears! The tiniest fairy of all, hidden away and perched upon your ring like a little ethereal secret. Select just one, or an entire flock of fairies to fill your forest!

0.9mm recycled round brilliant diamond (VS GH)Approximately 4mm wingspan (one wing is slightly curled in)



The most petite, intricately hand-carved ruffles! The Iris comes with a set of brilliant sapphires that may be arranged in a multitude of ways on your ring.

0.9mm yellow sapphire
1mm light blue sapphire(x2)
1.2mm purple sapphire
1mm dark blue sapphire
0.9mm dark blue sapphire
0.9mm light blue sapphire



In pretty pastel pink and purple hues, the tiny lilac flower’s lush scents are enough to bring any lucky passerby fond memories of early spring. The lilac is one of our favourites, with pale sapphires that can be clustered or sprinkled around your Asrai Garden to add hints of these sugar-coated fleurs.

Two 1.2mm pale lilac sapphires, two 1.2mm light pink sapphires and six 1mm light pink sapphires



Starry eyed at the dawn of mid summer

Laying dormant, sleeping until the warmth of the sun awakens and draws her out. With a yawn, she outstretches into a magnificent starry bloom with a honey perfume. Symbols of purity in our special moments, with scents buried deep in our memories, the lily is one of the most sentimental fleurs to have immortalized in beaming gold.

Lotus & Lily Pad

Lotus & Lily pad

Elegant and enduring, a lotus can rise tall from the gentle sway of a river. Below it, on the water’s surface, a lily pad — glistening with morning dew. Hidden deep in a forest, she is a vision of resplendence.

The lily pad features one 1.25mm rose cut diamond (SI1 GHI) and one 0.9mm recycled round brilliant cut diamond (VS GH)

Magnolia Branch Earring

Magnolia Branch

The ancient Magnolia in all her fragile beauty. In spring, they are one of the first flowers to bloom, opening their soft pink and white petals before they gently dance and float away in the breeze.



Peaceful beds of verdant moss sprouting throughout the forest floor. In dappled golden light, peeking through petals and sprinkled with pebbled dewdrops. Ancient and enduring in the shadows, it is a lush, secret home for the tiniest asrai.

Three 0.9mm, three 1mm, three 1.2mm, and four 1.5mm blue-green coloured sapphires in a range of hues

Narcissus Leaves

Narcissus Leaves

Slender, sculptural foliage often used to create winding forms in ikebana arrangements. Leaves with windswept lines that gently caress your chosen fleurs, they are a subtle and surprising springtime enchantment.



A sweet, sculptural orchid to grace your garden, with its hand-carved petals and drops of moonlight in the form of tiny, delicate pearls.

Four white seed pearls: 0.8mm, 1.1mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm


Turning her face to bask in the warm sun, the pansy blooms in a field of kaleidoscopic colours. A wave of rainbows floating in the soft wind, her centre shifting in 12 different tones.

Available in a rainbow of 12 gemstones: Tsavorite Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Diamond (round brilliant cut, GH colour, VS clarity), Emerald, Alexandrite (colour change), Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire, Australian Opal, Citrine, Tanzanite



Three ruffled peonies to blossom in your petite garden. Each individual petal was hand-carved and curled, then gently placed together one by one. Mischievous nymphs were said to hide within delicate peony petals — or maybe even a hidden fairy?

Every petal and blossom in the collection has been carefully carved by hand to give these beauties their lifelike detail.



Sweet bulbs of layer upon layer of tissue-thin petals, like an origami masterpiece, carved ever so tenderly by hand with expressionistic craftsmanship. These golden sweethearts are much like their living counterparts, with mirror-like, glistening petals.



An intricately hand-carved set of 4 roses in different stages of budding. The rose, with all her sweetness and softness, is imbued with ancient myth and romance. Serene and ever so fragile, her luminescent golden petals will bloom eternally in your Asrai Garden.

One 1.25 mm rose cut diamond SI1, GHI in the centre of the largest rose

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

Tall and delicate, dainty, and wildly sweet. Her ruffled blooms look like a resting butterfly, with curving vines climbing ever upward. Meticulously hand-carved and glowing with soft watercolour sapphires nestled throughout.

Sapphires in a range of hues — 1.2mm light pink, 1mm peach, 1mm medium pink, 1mm light orange, and 0.9mm yellow (one of each)


The Primrose blooms with a spellbinding vibrance and charm. Her enduring petals, an invitation for a visit from the fae — scatter her across your doorstep for a fairy blessing, or give her a nibble to see beyond the veil. A fleur of otherworldly lore, featuring a blushing sapphire centre.

Features a 5mm light pink sapphire centre (H) held in 5 claw prongs

Asrai Garden Hoops FAQs

Can you create a mock-up of my Asrai Garden hoop(s) for me?

At this time we cannot offer sketches of the arrangement or specific placement requests before we create it.

Is it possible to rush my Asrai Garden hoop(s)?

Due to the way these earrings are made and because they are each one of a kind, they take some time to make and we can't rush them much. If you have a specific date you need the ring by, be sure to leave a note at checkout. We will email you if your deadline isn't possible.

If you need it soon, take a look at our collection of other Asrai Garden earrings.

Can you arrange the elements in a specific way?

We cannot accommodate requests for specific arrangements. Your bouquet will be custom arranged based on the flowers you select before being cast in glowing gold. We may reorient the pieces, deconstruct, or slightly reshape them to achieve a balanced and one-of-a-kind arrangement. This means that no two earrings will look the exact same, even if you select the exact same elements for a pair. It’s best to allow yourself to be surprised and entrust the design to us!

Further customizing an Asrai Garden hoop

Can you make me something else, like a different flower not currently offered, to include on my hoop?

Each of the flower options for the Asrai Garden ring have been carefully hand carved by Laurie in a long and labour-intensive process. At this time, we cannot accomodate requests for custom flower options for the Asrai Garden collection, but we regularly add new designs!

Can you make me an Asrai Garden hoop in 18k gold or platinum?

Yes! Please email us with the details of what you were thinking (hoop size, single earring or pair, flower selections) and which metal you wanted before placing your order and we will get back to you with a quote.

Other Asrai Garden FAQs

Can you make me a ring with these elements?

Yes! You can create your own Asrai Garden ring for a fully customized creation, or browse our other Asrai Garden collection rings for other floral designs.

Can you make me a necklace/pendant/charm/bracelet/something else using Asrai Garden elements?

Depending on what you're thinking of, we may be able to! Please email us and let us know what you were thinking about in as much detail as possible.