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A hand wearing three yellow gold rings by Laurie Fleming Jewellery. The top ring is an Ilona style and features a round rose cut green sapphire on a delicate band with diamonds on the shoulders. In the middle, an Asrai Garden ring with a round orange-blue sapphire centre and carved cherry blossoms on the band featuring diamonds. At the base of the finger, a one of a kind Water Lily ring with a round bright yellow sapphire with clusters of diamonds on the band. The background looks like out of focus plants.

Sunlit Meadows

The first of three summer collections

Four one of a kind engagement rings by Laurie Fleming Jewellery are held between index finger and thumb. In the foreground and background, flowers are partially visible, with the rings clearly focused in the centre. There is a Wild Iris three stone ring with a colour change sapphire centre, an Ilona ring with a seafoam green sapphire centre, a Nereid ring with a rose cut pink sapphire centre set in the middle of a blooming golden peony, and a Daphne ring with a pale rosewater pink sapphire centre.

Persephone's Garden

One of a kind rings glowing with soft spring pastels

Three one a kind engagement rings by Laurie Fleming Jewellery on a light gray background. On the left, an Ilona style that features an elongated oval shaped scissor cut diamond on a delicate band with diamonds on the shoulders. In the middle, another Ilona ring, this one with a sky blue round sapphire centre stone. On the right, a custom carved Moondew ring featuring a unique long oval diamond. Beams of rainbow light surround the ring.


Blossoming with the first rays of spring

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