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0.64ct Icy Violet Umba Sapphire

Metal14k yellow gold

Made just for you

We will make this ring to your specifications, and so it (and all our loose stones/bespoke rings) is final sale. Bespoke rings are not eligible for discounts, returns, or exchanges. If you have any questions, please reach out to us by email or through our contact form prior to purchasing!

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Create your very own one of a kind Laurie Fleming ring from our hand-selected curation of ethereal stones! Choose your preferred ring style, metal colour, and ring size and we will create a ring specially for you, to your specifications. 

Stone Details:

Size: 0.64ct, 5.7x4.4mm
Cut: Oval - precision faceted by a master lapidary artist.
Colour: Pale, icy violet-lavender with a subtle silvery glow
Clarity: Very close to eye clean, with some minor inclusions that are only noticeable upon close inspection. It has slight natural silk which gives it a soft glow.
Origin: Umba, Tanzania
Treatments: None

Designer's notes: this beautiful sapphire is a striking icy lavender in indoor or mixed lighting, and more blue-violet in natural lighting. Umba sapphires are famous for their characteristic inclusions and stunning colours, making this higher clarity stone uncommon for the origin. We recommend setting it in champagne or rose gold, as it would perfectly highlight the unique colour of the stone, though yellow or white would be lovely as well.

Continue scrolling for additional details about the various ring style options and photos of previous bespoke examples.

Your one of a kind ring will be made-to-order—please allow 4 to 6 weeks for us to craft the piece before shipping to you.

All of our pieces are entirely hand crafted in our Toronto studio by our small, talented team. Laurie hand-carves every design; they are not 3D modelled on a computer and 3D printed— this includes our bespoke pieces. Each one is carved from wax, polished and stone-set by hand.

Every piece is highly considered at every angle and carved from wax to perfectly compliment the stones that will be set. We don’t use pre-fabricated, mass-produced settings made for fitting various stones and solder them on. Every setting is carved in-studio, in our signature style with special attention paid to how it will frame the stone and overall design, and how it will wear. Every small detail, down to our claw-shaped prongs, are shaped meticulously by hand.

  • Gold: our collection is made with recycled Canadian gold.
  • Champagne Gold: for more information on champagne gold, click here.
  • Stones: All of the stones in our collection are ethically-sourced and conflict-free. They are natural, mined stones.
  • Diamonds: Along with being ethically-sourced and conflict-free, we work with recycled diamonds whenever we can for the least environmental impact.

0.64ct Icy Violet Umba Sapphire

$2,570.00 USD

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Our ring styles

Our loose stones can be set in a variety of our most loved styles, each crafted carefully by hand by our team of skilled goldsmiths in our downtown Toronto studio. Learn more about the different styles below and take a look at some of the one-of-a-kind rings we've made before.

Brilliant Daphne Ring


Wrapping around your finger with an ethereal, airy sparkle! Wildly delicate and finely finished, Daphne is both complex and understated, with the tiniest of details.

Geo-oval teal sapphire Daphne Ring - OOAK

Daphne ring, 14k yellow gold

0.8ct geometric oval teal Songea sapphire, 6x4.8mm

0.42ct step cut pear diamond Daphne Ring - ooak

Daphne ring, 14k yellow gold

0.42ct step cut geometric pear diamond, 7mm x 4.18mm

Old European Cut Green Sapphire Daphne Ring - ooak

Daphne ring, 14k champagne gold

1.07ct old European cut green Montana Sapphire, 6.1mm diameter

Peach Sapphire Daphne Ring - ooak

Daphne ring, 14k rose gold

0.89ct elongated cushion Peach Montana Sapphire, 6.1x5.1mm

1.17ct Champagne Emerald Cut Diamond Daphne Ring - ooak

Daphne ring, 14k yellow gold

1.17ct light champagne emerald cut diamond

Daphne ring, 14k yellow gold

0.85ct light minty green sapphire, 5.9mm diameter (heated)

Daphne ring, 14k rose gold

0.72ct deep pink-orange padparadscha Montana sapphire, 5.3mm diameter (heated)

Brilliant Ilona Ring


An ethereal glow from a faceted moonbeam, with twinkling fairy lights floating down the band. Hand-carved with beautiful, bright 14k gold and the most petite hand-shaped claw prongs.

1ct Grey Pear Ilona Ring - OOAK

Ilona ring, 14k yellow gold

1ct fancy grey pear diamond, 8.50 x 5.34 mm

Ilona ring, 14k yellow gold

1.25ct oval blue-green Montana sapphire, 7.05 x 5.3 mm

Ilona ring, 14k yellow gold

0.55ct rose cut oval sapphire, light pink with silky opalescence, 5.76 x 4.73mm

Nereid Ring


Nymph of the bubbling sea, with a sweet but arcane charm about her. Slivers of light shine from her centre, punctuated with soft rose cut diamonds and petite twinkling recycled brilliant diamonds, raising her up through the waves.

Blue/grey Sapphire Nereid Ring - OOAK

Nereid ring, 14k yellow gold

1.67ct blue/grey colour shifting montana sapphire with a silky sheen, 7mm diameter

Teal Sapphire Nereid Ring - OOAK

Nereid ring, 14k yellow gold

Teal sapphire, 5.25mm diameter (Heated)

Teal Sapphire Nereid Ring - OOAK

Nereid ring, 14k rose gold

0.74ct geometric oval teal Madagascan sapphire, 6.4x5.7mm

Violet Sapphire Nereid Ring - OOAK

Nereid ring, 14k yellow gold

1.10ct violet marquise cut Madagascan sapphire

Water Lily Ring

Water Lily

Delicate and petite nymphaea floating on gold. Hand-carved, with the most detailed of unfurling petalled claws in bloom. A tiny pond dreamscape gleaming with an ethereal enchantment.

Water Lily Ring, 14k yellow gold

0.73ct Silver-Blush Colour change Montana sapphire, 5.3mm diameter (heated)

Blue Sapphire Water Lily Ring - ooak

Water Lily ring, 14k rose gold

0.56ct medium denim blue Montana sapphire, 5mm diameter (heated)

Wild Iris Ring

Wild Iris

Just as the sun illuminated the mists of the early sky, a bright rainbow burst from the suspended dew, and so was the birth of Iris. Our radiant three-stone ring with blooming diamonds, set alight and casting flickers of vivid hues from her many glittering facets. Completely hand-carved and inspired by the most regal and delicate three-petalled fleur of lore.

Rose Cut Wild Iris

The delicate symmetry and arrangement of our Wild Iris ring, with romantic and softly sparkling rose cut diamonds come together to create an antique-inspired beauty.

Aurelia Ring


Ablaze with golden light, the shining Aurelia Ring. Hand-carved with a smooth, flowing band and delicate, blooming 6-prong setting.